‘Tis the season…

Letters to myself. That is all this blog currently is, seeing as how I don’t have any readers, yet.

My family and I are getting ready for Christmas. Last month we moved 400+ miles and I am now that far away from any of my own blood relatives. The upside is that now we are much closer to my in-laws and my step daughters, so at least I do not feel completely like a nomad.  The move has however, changed the feel of the holidays for me this year. It’s strange decorating and cooking when I know that so few people will see or eat any of it.  We also have no outside decorations at all this year, due to all of our extension cords being in storage. (Epic fail, forgetting to bring those!) 

In an effort to keep myself and my 3-year old daughter busy, we attempted our first gingerbread house yesterday and that was an absolute disaster. The thing completely crumbled when we put the roof on. So no pictures of that, it would just be entirely too embarrassing. If anyone happens to read this, maybe you could comment with a good recipe for gingerbread that actually hardens enough? Or any tips as to why my gingerbread walls did not hold up under the weight of the roof?

For today, this is all I have to report. My mother and aunt are visiting Friday and will stay for 5 days (First visitors from home!) so I will spend the majority of this week trying to make my home look like something out of the pages of a magazine. An impossible feat, but one I will attempt nonetheless. 🙂

Happy Holidays Everyone!