Heart Scoodie

Once again, I am linking back to the fabulous and oh-so-generous, BobWilson123. I made this scoodie by watching her tutorial on YouTube. I did not double my yarn as she did, however (I’m just a little too stingy with my yarn to do that.) I did do the HDC stitches as she did, only I did mine with a size F hook to create a tighter stitch. After I finished, I added fringe to the bottom ends with by mixing the Red Heart “Purple Tones” yarn with some of the same heather gray that I used for the scoodie. I then made 2 hearts (one slightly bigger than the other) to put on the hood using the same purple tones yarn. The heart pattern I used can be found here: Small Crochet Heart. I also used a size F hook for the hearts.
Here is a pic of my completed scoodie!

Hope you like them! Let me know what you think!

Have a great day!


New Delhi Housewives are getting paid!

I stumbled across this article online today, and knew I just had to share it:

Housewife likely to get definite amount of salary from husband

My original thought was, WHATTT?!? This is happenening already in India but isn’t law yet in the States? No way! Then of course, my sanity kicked in when I realized that I, am already getting paid. I get paid by having access to all of our household funds, by having the freedom to do just about anything that suits my fancy (excluding anything too crazy), and by the beautiful smiles that come from my family members in return for the things I do for them.

So while it’s a funny thought – my husband having to give me approx. 10% of his salary, to keep in a separate bank account that only I have access to… It is also very sad, that in any part of the world, it is necessary to discuss such a thing as a LAW having to be in place to force a man to do his job as husband and breadwinner, which includes caring for his wife.

Thank goodness for the good ol’ USA.

Crocheting! and getting better :)

Wow! Crocheting has become an obsession. Just a few weeks ago, I knew hardly anything about the subject and am now crocheting every day. This is largely due to the wonderful quality of BobWilson123’s YouTube videos. I am so grateful to her, I wanted to share a link to her blog:

Clare (BobWilson123)

Also, I wanted to share a pic of one of the things I have made using one of her videos. (I’m so tickled with each thing I have made so far, I could just die!)

First project was a purse for my niece. This purse is particularly nifty because it changes into a baby cradle/bassinet when you fold the top down!:
purse bassinet
The only difference in mine from the tutorial video is the way I positioned my color changes. (Although, I do like the colors of Clare’s better, but decided to use what I had on hand.) Here is the link for the tutorial video:
BobWilson123 Purse/Cradle Tutorial

More projects to come and possibly even a tutorial or two of my own? 🙂

Have a great day!


30 Minute Crocheted Ruffle Scarf

So a friend called me today to tell me she had found the most awesome-quick way to make scarves! (She is always crocheting and I am trying to learn but it just seems it takes entirely too long, and uses too much yarn to make most things.) So – I googled around and found the same video she did, and thought I would share it. 🙂 Can’t wait to make one myself!


I was browsing around on a social networking site I frequent quite often today (coughs* facebook* coughs*) and found a post by a friend in which he said he did not believe in miracles. My immediate thought: YOU IDIOT! But I did not comment and say so, no, I am just too nice. It did however leave me wondering how someone could just simply NOT believe in something that I see every day. So in an effort to respect those who are not religious as I am, I will not go into details about WHY I believe miracles do exist. I will, however, leave you with a short list of  – only some – of the miracles I experienced today.

#1 I woke up! I did not have to wake up, any number of things could have happened during the night while I slept.

#2 I walked into my living room to be greeted with the smiling face of my beautiful 9 month old daughter. She went throught quite alot while I was expecting her, and also during/after her delivery, so she is no small miracle, let me tell you!

#3 The sun came up!

#4 My beautiful 4 year old woke up with a smile on her face as well and not grumbling about anything! Can you believe it? Well, maybe you can but I had a hard time with that one 🙂

#5 My wonderful husband made it to work and back to us safely, so that he can sleep alone in our king sized bed, while I sleep in my daughter’s bed because I am too angry at him to sleep with him!


That is all I have for today. Just. Be. Thankful.


2013 – What will it bring?

No, I have not been posting regularly as I intended to. No, I have not quit smoking as I intended to. No, I have not been dieting as I had intended to. No, I have not yet attended a church here in my new town.

Enough NO’s. 🙂 So much for resolutions! Ha! Some boxes I CAN check off my list for the new year:

Yes, I have been crafting – I just mailed my dearest friend a – oh wait! Can’t say what it is on the off-chance that she reads this post! More on that, later. Let’s just say, I re-purposed, err, made my friend, A, a neat, little gift and sent it in the mail to her. We’ll see how “neat” it actually is once she gets it and gives feedback.

I also crocheted my first scarf. I made a “curly” scarf by double-crocheting 3 times in the same chain to form the circular effect. (I must give my sweet MIL credit for this one.) This may be ameteur work to some – but to me – MT. EVEREST! Here’s a pic:


If you’ll notice however, on the right side of the pic, you can see the end of the scarf that is smaller because I was not able to finish. I ran out of yarn! So as most things in my life go, I completely abandoned ship and have now started a new cross-stitch. (The kit, also a gift from MIL) The scarf, unfortunately, will most likely be left to die in the bottom of my craft storage-ottoman.

Reaching out to friends/family:
Since, I have not yet made any friends here in my new town (Don’t judge, I’ve “only” been here since November) I have vowed to start sending notes periodically via old-fashioned mail to my family/friends back home. I finally got around to making copies of Christmas photos and mailing them to my sisters and my mother. I must say, it took quite a bit of cunning to make said copies, because I went to my friendly neighborhood pharmacy where they were not quite so friendly and refused to let me copy my photos because of copywright infringement. Copywright, schmopywright.

Happiness to all! 🙂

P.S. As I was posting this, I took a brief interlude to remove a sopping-wet load of clothes from the washer. (Overload, much?) I, then, attempted to dry them, which weighed down the dryer too much and caused it to cut itself off. I am now drying them in batches. Fun times!