Crocheting! and getting better :)

Wow! Crocheting has become an obsession. Just a few weeks ago, I knew hardly anything about the subject and am now crocheting every day. This is largely due to the wonderful quality of BobWilson123’s YouTube videos. I am so grateful to her, I wanted to share a link to her blog:

Clare (BobWilson123)

Also, I wanted to share a pic of one of the things I have made using one of her videos. (I’m so tickled with each thing I have made so far, I could just die!)

First project was a purse for my niece. This purse is particularly nifty because it changes into a baby cradle/bassinet when you fold the top down!:
purse bassinet
The only difference in mine from the tutorial video is the way I positioned my color changes. (Although, I do like the colors of Clare’s better, but decided to use what I had on hand.) Here is the link for the tutorial video:
BobWilson123 Purse/Cradle Tutorial

More projects to come and possibly even a tutorial or two of my own? 🙂

Have a great day!



2 thoughts on “Crocheting! and getting better :)

  1. Wow. I am very impressed that you’ve only been doing this for a while and have already made such a cute project! Really, you made a transformer… you should be proud. haha
    This will link back to my primary blog, but I also have a crafting blog That has a few of my projects on it, but they are no where near as neat as this. 🙂 I may have to give this a whirl someday!

    • Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting 🙂 It feels great to get good feedback since I haven’t yet given this little purse as a gift! Hopefully my niece will like it as much as you! I am going to check out your blog – I love to see what others are making! Hope you’ll consider following me, I have lots of other little projects I intend to post!

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