Beauty after an ice storm

The other morning we woke up to everything in our neighborhood covered in ice! I’m sure I would not have liked it if I had to go out in it but luckily, I was able to stay in and enjoy the beauty of it all. I’ve said before, I’m no photographer but I just had to capture the eery feeling that I had looking out at the trees weighed down with that gorgeous crystal.

ice storm closeup blurred 02252013

I really felt like an ice princess standing on my back porch that morning! Everything around me was white and sparkling!


There is beauty in everything if you just look around!



Crochet Easter bunny hat and diaper cover

I just love, love, love blogging about everything I’m making! I only wish I were advanced enough already to create my own patterns. Hopefully soon. Until then, I will just continue to share new things I’m making and the links to the wonderful people who create these patterns! Thanks to the help of others, I just completed this project using Repeat Crafter Me’s bunny hat/diaper cover pattern seen here:

This is how my finished set came out:


I love the hat! I followed her directions exactly, except I chose not to do a face and instead added a flower on the side by following the tutorial on Youtube by Yolandasotolopez. Her flowers are two layers, but I wanted a third. So after finishing the second round of petals (treble crochet) I added a third round of petals (double treble crochet), joining back into the center of the flower. I love how it came out! It has sort of a dahlia-look to it! (Please forgive the bad pictures, I’m no photographer)


On the downside, my diaper cover did not fit my 10 month old. Not even close. So I will definitely have to re-make it. But thanks to these super-easy tutorials, it will be a breeze!

Hope you’re all having a great day 🙂