Crochet Easter bunny hat and diaper cover

I just love, love, love blogging about everything I’m making! I only wish I were advanced enough already to create my own patterns. Hopefully soon. Until then, I will just continue to share new things I’m making and the links to the wonderful people who create these patterns! Thanks to the help of others, I just completed this project using Repeat Crafter Me’s bunny hat/diaper cover pattern seen here:

This is how my finished set came out:


I love the hat! I followed her directions exactly, except I chose not to do a face and instead added a flower on the side by following the tutorial on Youtube by Yolandasotolopez. Her flowers are two layers, but I wanted a third. So after finishing the second round of petals (treble crochet) I added a third round of petals (double treble crochet), joining back into the center of the flower. I love how it came out! It has sort of a dahlia-look to it! (Please forgive the bad pictures, I’m no photographer)


On the downside, my diaper cover did not fit my 10 month old. Not even close. So I will definitely have to re-make it. But thanks to these super-easy tutorials, it will be a breeze!

Hope you’re all having a great day 🙂