I was browsing around on a social networking site I frequent quite often today (coughs* facebook* coughs*) and found a post by a friend in which he said he did not believe in miracles. My immediate thought: YOU IDIOT! But I did not comment and say so, no, I am just too nice. It did however leave me wondering how someone could just simply NOT believe in something that I see every day. So in an effort to respect those who are not religious as I am, I will not go into details about WHY I believe miracles do exist. I will, however, leave you with a short list of  – only some – of the miracles I experienced today.

#1 I woke up! I did not have to wake up, any number of things could have happened during the night while I slept.

#2 I walked into my living room to be greeted with the smiling face of my beautiful 9 month old daughter. She went throught quite alot while I was expecting her, and also during/after her delivery, so she is no small miracle, let me tell you!

#3 The sun came up!

#4 My beautiful 4 year old woke up with a smile on her face as well and not grumbling about anything! Can you believe it? Well, maybe you can but I had a hard time with that one 🙂

#5 My wonderful husband made it to work and back to us safely, so that he can sleep alone in our king sized bed, while I sleep in my daughter’s bed because I am too angry at him to sleep with him!


That is all I have for today. Just. Be. Thankful.