New Delhi Housewives are getting paid!

I stumbled across this article online today, and knew I just had to share it:

Housewife likely to get definite amount of salary from husband

My original thought was, WHATTT?!? This is happenening already in India but isn’t law yet in the States? No way! Then of course, my sanity kicked in when I realized that I, am already getting paid. I get paid by having access to all of our household funds, by having the freedom to do just about anything that suits my fancy (excluding anything too crazy), and by the beautiful smiles that come from my family members in return for the things I do for them.

So while it’s a funny thought – my husband having to give me approx. 10% of his salary, to keep in a separate bank account that only I have access to… It is also very sad, that in any part of the world, it is necessary to discuss such a thing as a LAW having to be in place to force a man to do his job as husband and breadwinner, which includes caring for his wife.

Thank goodness for the good ol’ USA.